The Fertcare® brand provide a nationally recognised image for best practice fertiliser supply, advice and contract application. Fertcare is about promoting productivity while protecting the environment.

Fertcare® is a national training and accreditation program designed to raise the skills and knowledge of everyone involved in handling fertiliser and soil ameliorant.

The AFSA Code of Practice has provided the basis for the Australian fertilizer industry’s product stewardship program Fertcare.

The code is instilled in the Fertcare® Level A training program and the national competency standards for that training.

AFSA members are strongly encouraged to undertake the appropriate level of Fertcare® training, and attain accreditation as a formal and practical means of proving their ability to meet the AFSA Code of Practice.

  • Fertcare Level A is suitable for people involved in the direct handling of fertilisers
  • Fertcare Level B is suitable for sales staff who spend a significant portion of their time discussing fertilizer with growers
  • Fertcare Level C is suitable for people providing soil and fertilizer advice

Fertcare Accredited Advisor Program is separate to, but complementary to Level C. It provides farmers and other stakeholders with confidence that farmers are receiving soil and fertilizer advice based on soil and plant testing of a high standard and that the process of making recommendations, the underlying supporting data, sampling methodology and laboratory competence are based on good practice and accepted science in Australia.


 Fertcare Licensed Organisations are licensed to use the Fertcare® Logos, incorporating the Fertcare trade mark, according to a license agreement. The granting of a license is based on an organisation having 100% of eligible staff Fertcare trained and 100% of spreading machines Accu-Spread certified.

Only organisations with a current license agreement are permitted to use the Fertcare Logos so that they provide a clear mark of excellence in meeting Productivity, Environment and Food Safety best practice.




Fertcare is a joint venture between the Australian Fertiliser Services Association and Fertilizer Australia and both representative bodies have a strong commitment to managing environmental and food safety issues associated with fertilisers and the national stewardship program, Fertcare is central to this effort.

Full details of the program are accessible by visiting the Fertcare website at

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