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The Australian Fertiliser Services Association (AFSA) is the industry body for those who manufacture, distribute, sell, store, transport, spread or provide advice on the use of fertilisers or soil ameliorate products.

Formed in 1972, having a national structure, the AFSA has members in all states and is recognised by government, both federal and state as an industry leader.

It is our vision to be is recognised as the leading independent, representative body of service providers in the Fertiliser Industry in Australia.

Our Key Objectives are to

  • Diversify and increase membership
  • Have the AFSA seen as a positive force for environmental sustainability and food security
  • Conduct the affairs of the Association in a businesslike and ethical manner

The values we operate under include

  • Integrity - Doing what we say we will do
  • Respect - Towards our members and other stakeholders
  • Openness - Open honest governance without hidden agendas

The Australian Fertiliser Services Association’s (AFSA) purpose is to

  • Operate as the industry body for businesses and people who spread, distribute, sell, store, transport, manufacture or provide advice on the use of fertilisers or soil ameliorant products
  • Represent the interests of its member organisations in respect to government, the environment and the fertiliser industry in general
  • Encourage the investment of funds in education, research and development in the fertiliser industry
  • Develop strong and effective relationships with members through networking and capacity building opportunities
  • Develop strong and effective relationships with agricultural agencies to promote the sustainable use of fertilisers and soil ameliorants
  • Develop strong and effective relationships with key suppliers to the fertiliser industry to be able to negotiate significant benefits for members
  • Work towards improving the operating standards within the fertiliser industry
  • Engage in any other activities in the interests of the members and the fertiliser industry

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