Changes to management of Fertcare®


In 2005 a Joint Venture was signed between AFSA and Fertilizer Australia to jointly manage and develop AFSA’s Fertcare® program.  The agreement guided a number of activities including developing, organising, promoting, delivering and recording participation in Fertcare®.

Andrew Chivell, Australian Fertilisers Services Association Ltd (AFSA) Chair, along with fellow directors, would like to acknowledge the decision taken by Fertilizer Australia to terminate the Fertcare Joint Venture Agreement.

Fertcare® has provided a nationally recognised brand for best practice fertiliser advice, and application with the aim of the program being to promote productivity whilst protecting the environment.

AFSA is proud of its ownership in and the development of Fertcare® and wishes to thank Fertilizer Australia for its contribution.  In particular AFSA would like to acknowledge Jeff Kraak, Fertilizer Australia Programs Manager, for his outstanding contribution to Fertcare® over many years.

Initially, the AFSA Code of Practice provided the basis for what has become the Australian fertiliser industry’s product and environmental stewardship program, Fertcare®.  The national training and accreditation program was designed to raise the skills and knowledge of all of those involved in the handling of fertiliser and soil ameliorant.

The Joint Venture was overseen by a management committee which composed of two board members from each organization and this has seen Fertcare® grow significantly to become a globally recognised fertiliser environmental stewardship program.

AFSA members have always been strongly encouraged to undertake the appropriate level of Fertcare® training, and attain accreditation as a formal and practical means of proving their ability to meet the AFSA Code of Practice.

“AFSA looks forward to further developing Fertcare® and remain committed to ensuring it remains the pre eminent environmental stewardship program for the use of fertiliser in Australia” says AFSA Chair, Andrew Chivell.  “In the coming months we will be making a number of announcements to the industry regarding changes to Fertcare® and the way it is delivered – ensuring a contemporary program that meets the needs of all those in the fertiliser industry.”

“The key to the ongoing success of Fertcare® is engagement with the end users. The AFSA Board believe that it is critical that our farmers have a better understanding of Fertcare® and how it will ensure  they can maintain a high level of production and quality of produce whilst limiting the impact on the environment from fertiliser use.”

On behalf of the AFSA Board, Andrew Chivell would like to ensure all those in the fertiliser industry that Fertcare® is highly recognised,  respected and highly valued by governments across Australia and  AFSA will continue to work diligently to maintain and strengthen these very important relationships. 


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