State Committees provide a forum for members to contribute to the development of  the Association, to participate in knowledge sharing and to learn about what is happening in the Association and the industry.

They are the basis of member networks through which members can access technical knowledge, business opportunities, information and other assistance.

Western Australian Office Bearers for 2017/2018 are



David Holdsworth

PO Box 14, Wyalkatchem. 6485

Mobile. 0427 918904




Kevin Spurr

P.O. Box 290, Wagin. 6315.

Mobile. 0429 104 145    




to be confirmed



Larry Marchant

P.O. Box 36, Trayning. 6488.

Mobile. 0427 831 081   







History of AFSA in Western Australia

(as written by Pam Clulow in 2005)

In 1961 the Fertilizer Company (CSML) Cumming Smith Mount Lyall (Now CSBP & Farmers) purchased a number of Marshall Spreaders to promote the supply of bulk super phosphate as an alternative to the bagged product.

The original plan was to rent the spreaders to Contractors and at the end of the season they had to return the units back to Marshalls at Harvey so they could be reconditioned then in readiness for the next season.  The only means of unloading the super phosphate out of the rail trucks was the Clark Shovel again made by Marshalls, purchased by CSML and operated the same as the spreaders.  After several years some contractors approached CSML to purchase their own equipment rather than return them every year.  CSML agreed.

The use of bulk fertilizer grew over time and coordinated by CSBP & Farmers, so did Branches of Spread Service, this then changed to Super Bulk and Sequence Bulk Services.

In 1976 Bulk Fertilizer Service was formed to combine all three names. It was still coordinated by CSBP & Farmers and commenced with 80 members

In October 1993 after a visit by the then President Gary Wise and Secretary Neil Henry it was decided that Western Australia would join with the Australian Fertilizer Services Association.

The inaugural meeting was held at the Metro Inn with David Holdsworth of Wyalkatchem elected as the President, Rod Donnes of  Dalwallinu Vice President and Les Clulow of Katanning Secretary/Treasurer


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