Upskilling and Business Buidling


To be successful in any industry requires the ability to think not just one or two years into the future but five or 10.

AFSA are providing an opportunity for you to work with a small group of like-minded operators to find answers to the challenges that can stop your progress and growth.

This will be a practical experience that is 100% relevant to you and your industry.

Upskilling and Business Building for AFSA Members and the fertiliser services industry


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Team Development – making the most of your staff


Learn how to undertake a 12 month plan that allows you to achieve the following:

  • Build a better recruitment and induction process that allows staff to be more efficient, sooner.
  • Increase staff retention through a planned approach to professional development.
  • Ongoing team review that builds better staff buy in and accountability.
  • Improve your cultures so you attract and keep the best staff for your possible – build a strong reputation.
  • Understand what great looks like in your business and the tactics and resources needed to consistently deliver on it.


Build your culture to secure future growth

  • Get an insight into the cultures you need to build in business to grow and remain competitive.
  • Making operational changes across the business to build customer relationships that lead to repeat business.


Risk to Business takes many forms

  • Risk in modern business is not just physical injury – undertake a practical risk assessment to see how your business fares. What are the outcomes and opportunities of not implementing changes to your HR/ people development?
  • Working through a partial framework gain new perspectives into where your business faces its greatest risk and exposure



Get a grip on the state of the industry

  • Shaped by feedback from participants prior to the session, what are the key challenges and opportunities the industry will face in the next 10 years?
  • Understanding the key factors business needs to be prepared to respond to.


Finding the right Work/life balance – for your business

  • Understand what this means for you, your family and your staff – to find it you need to be able to define it.
  • What are you willing and not willing to do to make your desired life-work balance a reality – building a workable plan.
  • To achieve your ideal work/life balance get clear on what you need to introduce to your business
  • The essential process of defining internal roles and responsibilities within the team including yourself.
  • Defining you role and where you will bring the best value to the business now and into the future.


By the end of the two day experience each participant will be given a clear, proven framework to take the ideas and opportunities generated over the two days and to be able to execute these. This will be backed by real industry case studies to help you in the process.


AFSA Board Members and State Committees have worked closely with Ali Uren, Kiikstart, to create a practical experience that is relevant to the fertiliser industry. 


South Australia

Date:                13th and 14th September 2018

Time:               9am until 5pm each day plus dinner on 13th

Venue:             Arkaba Hotel on Glen Osmond Road

Costs:              $250 for AFSA members or $500 for all others

Inclusions:      Training and all materials, morning tea and lunch each day, networking dinner on 13th Sept


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Bookings for South Australian training are required by 3rd September






Date:                1st and 2nd October 2018

Time:               9am until 5pm each day plus dinner on 1st

Venue:             Bayside Geelong (Quality Hotel)

Costs:              $250 for AFSA members or $500 for all others

Inclusions:      Training and all materials, morning tea and lunch each day, networking dinner on 1st October

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Bookings for Victorian training are required by 14th September



Bookings to Krysteen McElroy

Mobile:  0408 655 108



Training being supported financially by the South Australian and Victorian branches



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