Upskilling and Business Buidling


To be successful in any industry requires the ability to think not just one or two years into the future but five or 10.

AFSA are providing an opportunity for you to work with a small group of like-minded operators to find answers to the challenges that can stop your progress and growth.

This will be a practical experience that is 100% relevant to you and your industry.

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Chain of responsibility and re-useable containers

The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) sets out the obligations for operators, drivers, consignors and consignees about the handling of freight
containers and the requirements for container weight declarations (CWD).

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AFSA Board Director Nomination

Have you considered nominating to become an AFSA Board member?

If you would like some more information or would like to chat about the possibility please speak with a Board member or Krysteen

More information on what the role entails can be found here


Board Nominations need to be submitted by 30th July 2018

Click here for required nomination form

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What is happening elsewhere?

Find out what is happening in the fertiliser industry in other parts of the world  - take a look at Fertiliser Focus.   Published six times a year, the magazine is read by subscribers in over 90 countries and is distributed at major industry conferences all over the world.

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Fertiliser Road Side spills

This is a timely warning to all involved in fertilizer transport and handling to reduce the risk of fertilizer spills and waste. Please remind relevant staff and transport contractors to clean out bulk tippers at the point of unloading where possible. All fertilizer spills must be contained and promptly cleaned up.  Arrive clean and leave clean is a good motto to work by.

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Five Step Insurance Plan

Gallaghers have provided us with a simple 5-step plan to get your insurance planning on the right track:

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Australian Soil Fertility Manual reduced to $55.

The Australian Soil Fertility Manual has been prepared to help fertilizer dealers, extension workers, consultants, teachers and others concerned with the profitable and environmentally safe use of plant nutrients to give sound agronomic advice to farmers and graziers

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Change and Competition

Why are change and competition an important part of your business?

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Fertilizer distributors support LETS TALK initiative

 Incitec Pivot, Koch Australia, Impact Fertilisers and Wengfu have all come on board and are financially supporting this community driven initiative

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Farm Bio-security Plans.... a new requirement for livestock producers

From October 2017, all Australian red meat producers are required to have a Farm Biosecurity Plan in place and implement best-practice biosecurity practices as a requirement of the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program.

What does this mean for contractors?

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Real time soil tests in the field? Science fiction or just over the horizon

Soil analysis is slowly moving from the complex laboratory physical and chemical analytical procedures to the field by adapting rapid and simple spectroscopic methods. Recent developments in spectroscopic instrumentation have reduced the cost and size of instruments, with the newest and cheapest instruments costing only a few hundred dollars

Article provided by Sean Mason, Agronomy Solutions, as presented at Fertiliser 2017

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NZ Groundspread Conference report

Dean and Sarah Brooks, John and Nivonne Schultz from NZ Groundspread attended Fertiliser 2017 in Torquay and provided an update on the fertiliser industry in New Zealand

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Are you losing valuable fertiliser dollars?

Fertiliser and its application play an important role in increasing agricultural productivity and providing the required food to meet current and future demands.  However, it is also a significant input cost which makes it vital to ensure that you are able to get the best return on your dollars invested.

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Choosing a lime - what you need to make better decisions

The purchase of lime is a large upfront cost for growers and understandably they want to feel confident that their choice of lime is a good one and will ameliorate any acidity. Lime quality is a major factor that affects the extent of pH change and the time frame in which pH is changed.
Lisa Miller
Southern Farming Systems (SFS)
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Are you spreading snail and/or mouse bait?

Do you know the licensing requirements when spreading mouse and snail bait and fungicide on fertilizers as a contractor (or for reward) compared to when a farmer applies this on their own property? 

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Farm Nutrients: are you getting quality advice?

Encourage farmers to ask "Is your agronomist a Fertcare Accredited Advisor?

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Organic Soil Amendments

Poultry litter, pig manure and compost containing these manures are regarded as Restricted Animal Materials (RAM) and therefore have particular requirements when used as organic soil amendments on pastures grazed by ruminant animals

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Promoting Fertcare to Farmers

How can you promote the benefits Fertcare & Accu-spread to your customers?
Fertcare plays a major role in safeguarding our environment and our food by helping to ensure farmers receive consistent good quality advice on fertiliser use. 

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Fungicide Treated Fertilisers

Cross contamination is a major risk to market access for grain growers if unacceptable residues are detected

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Facts and local knowledge must steer fertiliser use

Recently prominent fertiliser researcher Prof. Mike McLaughlin who heads the Fertiliser Technology Research Centre at the University of Adelaide had a clear message about the efficiency of following facts when addressing members of the AFSA in Adelaide

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SWCC Farmer Spreading Information

What is the cost of poor spreading?

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