Why should you join AFSA?

When you join the AFSA you become part of a network of small business operators who are providing services to customers of the fertiliser industry.

  • These operators know what is going on in the industry.
  • They have technical knowledge and business acumen.
  • They have faced the identical issues we all face and have come up with solutions.


Membership brings many advantages but with these comes obligations.  Members of AFSA should stand out from others in the industry through

  • their professionalism
  • the quality of the service they provide
  • their environmental stewardship and
  •  the integrity of their business operations

Membership of the Association is important, both to the member and to the Association and must be seen as important and valued by both parties.


So why not become part of the network, share your knowledge and learn from others with similar experiences?


Becoming an AFSA member will also assist your business by:

Being part of the member network you will have access to:

A Common Voice

  • The opportunity to raise issues and concerns about the industry through an association with a national membership base
  • Representation on the Fertilizer Australia Board enables  AFSA  members` views and concerns to be heard by the major companies and strengthen our members` position
  • As the peak body for the fertilizer services industry, AFSA acts on behalf of its members when dealing with government agencies with regards to development of government legislation and policy including:
  •  new spreading technologies
  •  changes in government regulations on employment conditions
  •  workplace, health and safety
  •  environmental impacts and legislation
  • new fertiliser and soil conditioning products
  •  business management
  • and any other critical issues as they arise


Having a Competitive Edge

  • AFSA Code of Practice is viewed as the industry standard for operators involved in the storage, transport and spreading of fertiliser
  • Certification and licensing programmes for operators and machinery, ie Fertcare and Accu-spread
  • Advance warning of changes in government policy and legislation that impacts on the industry              


Collaboration & Networks

  • Contact with other members which enables discussion, exchange of information and support  on topics of common interest
  • Opportunities to identify with the professionals within the industry


Industry Knowledge and Support

  • The extensive industry network through AFSA membership, means you are only a phone call away from a colleague who is happy to help you out, through:
  • Advice over the phone
  • Access to products and product knowledge and pricing 
  • Knowing where to locate spare parts
  • Knowing who may be able to provide a relief operator
  • Advice and knowledge about equipment


  • Annual conferences at both state and national level, member forums, field days and industry tours
  • Members who act honestly in their business dealings and who follow the Code can expect the support of the Association when it is needed, such as when unfair allegations are made against a member.


Cost Saving

  • WH & S Monitor project was launched at Fertiliser 2017 and is only available to AFSA members to manage their WHS systems using information that is specific to their business and the fertiliser industry - more info available here
  • Access to the benefits of the Association’s business partnership programme with Gallagher Insurance.  Gallagher have developed packages specifically for the fertiliser industry at competitive prices – more info available here
  • High quality market information at a 50% discount for AFSA members with CRU.  CRU providehigh quality up to date information on international market prices and trends in the fertiliser industry   - more info available here
  • AFSA member discounts or special access to industry events and conferences



  • “Fertiliser News” magazine delivered via Australia Post in April, September and December
  • Fortnightly member email to keep you updated on industry and association events, news and contacts
  • SMS of important information for easy and immediate access
  • This website  
  • Please follow us on Social media


Does the Association conduct any training programmes?

The Association provides learning and development programmes for members at reduced rates including the industry`s environmental stewardship programme Fertcare which addresses:

  • Agricultural productivity and profitability
  • Environment protection and food safety
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Accu-Spread
  • Fertcare training has the strong support of Governments, and is recognised throughout Australia.


Are there social activities?

Most member forums conducted by the branches have associated social activities and every AFSA national conference includes time to mix socially with your industry colleagues. Families are always welcome at the annual conference, which is an opportunity to take a holiday at a popular destination.


Click here for a printable AFSA Members information pack

(current as at November 2017)



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