Information for completing AFSA Membership application forms

                                         Please read the following information carefully prior to filling out your membership application form.

Section 1.

Enter all the data that is relevant to you. This information needs to be filled in on all application forms including renewals. Your data is cleared from the AFSA data base annually to allow up to date information to be entered so you do not miss out on AFSA information and communications.
This information will be used on the AFSA website as a means of enabling members to contact each other and exposing your business to new customers. Please advise AFSA in writing if you do not wish to have some or all of your information included on the website. No home phone or fax numbers will be listed on the website unless they are also your business phone number.

Section 2.

Membership fees are based on the financial year. Fees fall due and payable by the 1st July each year. You will be notified of your renewal by email prior to 1st July.
Membership fees are $548.50 per business plus $29.00 per full time employee and part time employees who work more than 130 days per year. Employee fees are payable to a maximum of 8. All others are free. Fees include GST.

Section 3.

Payment options are: cheque or direct deposit. A tax invoice will be issued on receipt of fully completed application form and payment.


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