Accu-Spread is a programme that involves the independent testing and accreditation of fertiliser spreading equipment for accuracy and evenness of spreading. It contributes significantly to quality assurance, productivity improvement, environment sustainability and management of risk. When a machine is Accu-Spread accredited, the operator will know the capacity of the machine to apply a number of nominated products to an industry standard of accuracy.

What are the benefits of having Accu-Spread tested machines?

The primary benefits of having an Accu-Spread tested machine are to:

Knowing the fertiliser spread pattern and width of spread enables operators to make adjustments to machinery  to optimise the machine’s performance to improve productivity – for the operator and the farmer. Having independent certification of the machine’s performance is also a valuable tool for minimising risk to the operator from costly liability claims.

Variation in fertiliser application rates across a paddock is inefficient and can significantly reduce plant productivity. Without an Accu-Spread test, an operator cannot be certain of the spread pattern of a machine. It could be over applying nutrients in some parts and under applying them in others. Without this knowledge, the operator is unable to optimise the performance of the machine for the best environmental and productivity outcomes for both the operator and the client.            

Accu-Spread is a key component of the Australian Fertiliser Industry’s Fertcare initiative. An Accu-Spread tested machine and a Fertcare trained operator are essential elements in best practice fertiliser application.


Full details of the program are available from the Fertcare website at  

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