What is and who are AFSA?

Formed in 1972, the Australian Fertiliser Services Association (AFSA) is the industry body for businesses and people who spread, distribute, sell, store, transport, manufacture or provide advice on the use of fertilisers or soil ameliorate products.

Governed by a National Board with committees and members in each state, AFSA is recognised by federal and state governments as an industry leader.

The networks within the Association have been identified as highly valued by our  members and are a feature of the fertiliser services industry.  

They enable members to identify and develop business opportunities, to address business and technical concerns and keep up to date with industry developments. 


What are our objectives?

AFSA's objectives are to:




What does AFSA do?

For over 45 years the Association has represented the interests of its members to government and the industry generally.

It has developed strong and effective relationships with agricultural agencies and with key suppliers to the fertiliser industry to promote the sustainable use of fertilisers and soil ameliorates which gives us the ability to negotiate significant benefits for members.

The AFSA has developed and implemented a Code of Practice to improve operating standards within the industry, strengthen the focus on environmental stewardship and improve workplace health and safety.

This Code is the basis for the industry accreditation programme, Fertcare, which  provides professional development and training for business owners and their staff members.

Coupled with Fertcare, the AFSA has been involved in the development of Accu-Spread, a programme that tests and accredits fertiliser spreading equipment for accuracy and evenness of spreading.

The objectives of Accu-Spread are to minimise environmental damage, improve productivity, reduce costly liability claims and improve operating standards in the industry.



Further information on AFSA's role

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