Australian Soil Fertility Manual reduced to $55.

The Australian Soil Fertility Manual has been prepared to help fertilizer dealers, extension workers, consultants, teachers and others concerned with the profitable and environmentally safe use of plant nutrients to give sound agronomic advice to farmers and graziers

Not all agricultural advisers are trained agronomists. This manual will not turn an untrained person into a trained one. But it will provide a working knowledge of agronomic terms, soil-plant relationships and principles of fertilizer use, in its broadest context. It will guide you towards a fuller knowledge about soil fertility.


This manual can be used as a self-study guide. Much of it is basic to crop and pasture production systems. It can be used as a supplementary university textbook, for soil fertility workshops or extended short courses about soils and fertilizers.


To order your copy contact Monique Thomson P: P: (02) 6273 2422



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