NZ Groundspread Conference report

Dean and Sarah Brooks, John and Nivonne Schultz from NZ Groundspread attended Fertiliser 2017 in Torquay and provided an update on the fertiliser industry in New Zealand

"Thank you for inviting NZGFA Vice President John Schultz and I to attendthe Annual Conference of your Association. I bring the greetings and best wishes from the members of the New Zealand Groundspread Fertiliser`s Association to you all. I thank your Association for the very good working relationship that exists between NZGFA and AFSA, and to Neil Henry and Krysteen McElroy for attending our 61thConference at Napier,New Zealand in July.

We value the reciprocal attendance at each other’s` Conferences and the assistance that we are able to give to each other’sorganisations.

While there are vast differences in our industries we still can learn much from this annual cross pollination of ideas."


Dean Brooks

President New Zealand Groundspread Fertiliser`s Association.


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